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2019 Lawrence Workshop on Solid State Technology

2019 Lawrence Workshop on Solid State Technology

Thursday, February 14 - Friday, February 15, 2019
Location: University Club, Arizona State University Tempe Campus | Tempe, Arizona

Plenary Speaker

Frank Wilczek
MIT, ASU, JiaoTong Univ., Stockholm Univ.
Quantum Computing and Anyons

Invited Speakers

Brent Young
AOSense, Inc.
Quantum sensors and atomic clocks – Successes, capabilities, and challenges

Daniel Queen
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Materials Origin of Loss in Superconducting Circuits

Frank Libsch
Ubiquitous computing with small computers

Jungsang Kim
Duke University & Ion Q
Quantum computing based on trapped ion technology

Justin Gonzales
Arizona State University
A new development: “Smart” dielectric materials for advanced microwave systems

Lucian Shifren
The end of Moore’s Law, a chance for innovation everywhere

Michael Lanagan
Penn State
Microwave Dielectric Response of Insulators and Interfaces

Nasser Peyghambarian
University of Arizona
Role of optics and photonics in computing

Richard Fu
Northumbria University, Newcastle,UK
A sound idea: Thin film piezoelectrics to realize medical lab-on-a-chip

Robert Wisnieff
Progress toward useful Quantum Computers

Tengming Shen
Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Advances in high-field superconducting magnets for frontiers in physics, energy, and medical applications

Trevor Lanting
D-wave Systems
Development of Quantum Annealing Technology at D-Wave Systems

Vivuds Ozolins
Yale University
Mathematically rigorous density functional theory methods for computational design & discovery of new materials

Will Oliver
MIT & MIT Lincoln Labs
Superconducting Qubits for Quantum Information